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Meiji Jingu visit (a Shinto Shrine) and Harajuku walk

Namie M.

4.95(21) reviews
3 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 3 people

Meiji Jingu is one of the most famous tourist destinations both from overseas and Japan. On new year's day, an incredibly-long line of people to pray there can be seen, which is yearly reported in TV news shows.

If lucky, we could get a glance of a wedding procession with priests. Newly-weds are in Japanese traditional wedding attires. This makes you reconfirm that you are truly in Japan.


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Meeting Point

at your hotel reception

Meiji Jingu---Japanese traditional way of purifying when stepping into sacred area

Meiji Jingu--- coin toss into an offertory box (but the donation is not an obligation for visitors )

Meiji Jingu---watch many wish boards hung by visitors, and of course you can make your own if you like. Even Barak Obama and his administration staff made theirs here in 2014.(notes...Boards are to be removed every morning by the priests so you cannot take a look at Obama's.)

Harajuku---15 minutes' walk from Meiji Jingu. This is a good choice for every purpose such as eating, shopping, eaesthetic salons, and so on.

Ending Point

It depends.(basically on your request)

What to Expect

Tokyo has the image of modern culture with skyscrapers and international cuisine. But it surely has traditional aspects like Shinto Shrines, and Meiji Jingu is always the best choice from among many of those in Tokyo.

This is located in the middle of Tokyo, which makes it possible for every touris to visit casually. Once hit on visitting, I can bet that it will meet your expectation.

Originally Shinto religion respects all the small elements in nature, in short, Gods are the nature itself. You can feel the touch of this idea while strolling around the wide&green area in shrine.

Harajuku is also a must-see spot because it offers you a wide variety of experiences. Eating, drinking, shopping are needless to say. You can also visit Ukiyoe museum nearby.(old style masterpieces of art)

Fashion extremism has been generated often from this area, and some pilot products are released to judge whether it will catch on among young generation. You can feel the Tokyo trend here!

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transportation fee(you and your guide), your luch, your snack, entrance fee of Ukiyoe museum 700yen per adult(you and your guide)

Important Information

I am a mother of 2 daughters, so hopefully I could finish the tour by 6pm. If you could give me a contact relatively earlier, I try to arrange my house chores and make night attend possible. Thank you.

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Sal S.

Nov 22, 2019

Even though the weather was bad as it rained all day but still managed to cover all the included sights

Namie was very patient, understanding, accommodating and helpful and explained all the details on the way

Namie M.

Hi, Sal. Thank you for walking with me in heavy rain today. Actually it was very cold and I can say it was an usual chill in November. Stay warm tonight and safe flight tommorow. Many thanks for cultural talk, gourmet talk, and so on. imd really enjoyed the two days with you!


Tom N.

Nov 13, 2019

Great tour with Namie!

We truly enjoyed our one-day tour Tokyo with Namie. She's knowledgeable, kind, and sweet person.We have learned some Japanese culture and history while enjoying the landscape and scenery. We highly recommend Namie.

Namie M.

Hi, Tom. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the tour. Both you and your wife truly made me feel relaxed during the tour, which brings me a happy up-tempo walk. You had several good purchases at Bic Camera and that was an opportunity for me to learn to show my future customers how to grab the best price of quality items. I try to cover these kinds of shopping for foreign travellers. Thank you Tom, your shopping experience makes me a better guide! Take care. Give my best regard to Mindy. Namie


Laetitia O.

Nov 12, 2019

Great time visiting onsen and fake food workshop

I had a really enjoyable time with Namie. I had organised to meet with the owner of a fake food workshop as part of a research trip and she translated our conversations perfectly. We also visited an onsen in Shinjuku which was really lovely, we had hot stone therapy and enjoyed the baths. Namie made sure I was comfortable and was great to chat with, we had a wonderful day together - it was like hanging out with a friend!

Namie M.

Hello, thank you for the review. I really enjoyed my Saitama trip with you and it was a precious experience in the factory. You perfectly understood the owner's idea and sense, which he was happy about. I′m proud of having an artist like you as my guest! Now I feel more familiar with artistic things than before all thanks to you. Keep creative, believe in your sense! Hope you′ll make many other works in the future. Glad to meet you!(^^)


Erena T.

Nov 5, 2019

Patient, incredibly kind and knowledgeable tour guide

I had the absolute pleasure of having Namie show me around various parts of Tokyo for 4 days during my stay in Japan. I’m back in my home country now and have already raved about her to so many family and friends. I am not a seasoned traveller but I did have some places I wanted to visit that weren’t the typical touristy type of spots so Namie helped put together an itinerary that reflected my requests while also adding in some familiar landmarks too. Namie was a pleasure from Day One. Patient and upbeat. She helped me navigate the subway and train system with ease and precision. We covered a lot of ground each day and yet she was always mindful of my energy levels and very considerate to take breaks. I would not hesitate to book Namie again. She is a wealth of knowledge, and quite simply a pleasure to be around. When I got sick she also took the time to check in with me which I’ll always treasure. Thank you Namie, it was a wonderful experience and I would book you again in a heartbeat! Take care Erena

Namie M.

Hi, Erena. I'm happy to hear that you're back to normal self after the terrible pain (Again, my apology that I couldn't be there.). Finally you made a day trip to Kyoto next day, which I got surprised about. You're such a unique and strong traveller, always looking around local things and trying to get the most of Japan. Honestly I was blind of art and furniture before you showed me your preferences, and now I feel I have more choices to suggest to my future customers. Thank you for opening up my eyes, Erena. You stepped me up, you made me have more guiding tips of me! That was a milestone encounter for me. Please say hi to your husband. Have a happy summer season in NZ!

$71/ per group