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My Favorite Okutama - Lake, River, Mountain, and Arts

Nature & Outdoor

Kaori O.

4.67(3) reviews
English, Japanese (Native)
12 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 11 people

Have you visited major tourist place already and want to do excursion without being bothered by tourist chaos? If so, come to Okutama! This mountainous are of the west side of Tokyo has all elements of Japanese culture. Shrines, temples, dry garden, traditional arts, pottery making, hiking routes, water sports activities, sake brewery and hot spring! I can make a customized tour for your choice.

Meeting Point

At your hotel in Tokyo

You can choose what you want from the list below.

Hiking in Mt.M - 4 hours hiking from a rope-way station, along stream and falls. level: beginners (Trekking shoes and back pack is needed)

Mt. M Shrine - A shrine at the top of mountain, there is a rope-way to reach there. You can see the magnificent view over central Tokyo.

Monastery Domitories - Lodgings which have been used for pilgrim. Guest can have a course lunch of shojin ryouri (food for monks) or experience of zen training if they stay.

Museum and Garden - A museum of a Japanese painter Kaway Gyokudo and a beaturiful dry garden attached to the museum.

Kushi-Kanzashi Museum - Precious collection of traditional hair corms and accessories. Here are supreme arts of old craftsmanship.

Pottery Making - Create your cup, vase etc with the pottery wheel. The touch of the clay is calming your mind. There is an hidden pottery studio which artworks are simple but detailed.

Sake Brewery - Traditional Brewery since Edo period (1702) which famous label is '澤の井'. They host a brewery tour ( free ) and tasting ( 200-500 yen for each products)

Mitake Valley - a beautiful valley of Tama river which water listed as one of the 100 most excellent natural water sources in Japan. There is a path along river.

Limestone Cave- you can walk this cave with natural air conditioner which temperature always stays around 10 degree Celsius all year.

Onsen - there are several Onsen facilities in this area. If you never tried Onsen before, but would like to try, this is the time!! I can give some instruction of how to.

Lake 1 - Natural Lake along the valley. It is a good spot for kayak or SUP for beginners.

Lake 2 - A man-made lake with museums and hiking routes along ancient path towards Okutama Station (4 hours).

Water Sports - Flat water Canoeing, Flat water SUP boards, White water Rafting, Kayaking (only for advanced ), and Canyoning in upstream,

Kamameshi - A set menu of a rice in ceramic bowl using local ingredients, sashimi, konnyaku and soup. Healthy and delicious.

Soba Restaurant - They serve savory soba and most delicious Katshu-don I have ever had in my life.

Craft Beer Brewery - Okutama has original brand of craft beers! There is a tasting room nearby Okutama station and you can drink at cafe in Okutama st.

BBQ - Enjoy BBQ for lunch in the fresh air! Price differs according to which day the tour is.

Woodcraft - Best for kids. You can create bird box or other crafts from 500 yen~.

Ending Point

At your hotel in Tokyo

What to Expect

・You can enjoy the combination of ancient architectures and wild nature without visiting Nikko or Kamakura.

・You can make your itinerary very active - or less active with more cultural experience. It is up to you and you need me this attractive, but mysterious area.

・The temperature in Okutama is normally 2-3 degrees minus in Celsius from that of central Tokyo. Therefore, this is best choice in hot summer.

・The guide was a member of a university canoe club based in Okutama, so I know this area very well and can introduce best activities for each.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

・guide fee

・hotel pick up

・a PDF data of customized itinerary before trip

・a printed brochure of the tour

What‘s not included

・transportation fee (you and your guide) . It differs according to your hotel location, and your choice of destination. Please see the lists below for reference.

・entrance fee or activity fee (you and your guide). Please see the lists below for reference.

・lunch (you, and your guide)

・dinner (you, and your guide)

・insurance : I strongly recommend to apply for a leisure insurance since if emergency happens in activities, we have to call for air-ambulance and it will cost a lot. Please show your travel insurance or I can help you to apply for a 1 day insurance if you have not applied for any.

List 1: transportation fees

・Tokyo ⇔ Okutama area : 2,500 yen (return)

・Railway transportation within Okutama area , Sawanoi brewery, Museums, Onsen, Restaurants : 170 yen for one ride (one way)

・Mitake station ⇔ Takimoto Cable station ⇔ Mt. Mitake Cable station : 1,740 yen (return) * If you visit Mt. Mitake shrine and hiking course

・Okutama st. ⇔ Nippara Limestone Cave:920 yen (return) * If you visit Lime stone cave.

・Okutama st. ⇔ Okutama Lake:700 yen (return) * If you visit Okutama Lake.

Hiring taxi can be another option( please inquire for fees).

List 2: entrance and activity fees

・Gyogudo Museum 500 yen (400 yen for students/ 200 yen for under 12) *not open on Monday

・Kushi & Kanzashi Museum  600 yen (500 yen for students/ 300 yen for under 12) *not open on Monday

・Okutama Lime Stone Cave 800 yen ( 600 yen for under 15, 400 yen for under 12)

・Hotspring Facility 820 yen ~

・Canoe (flat water) 6,000 yen ~per person ( 3.5H ) including gears, photo shoot and shower room.

・SUP (flat water) 5,000 yen~ per person( 3.5H ) including gears, photo shoot and shower room.

・Caynoening (stream) 6,000 yen ~ per person( 3.5H ) including gears, photo shoot and shower room.

・Rafting (white water) 6,000 yen ~ per person ( 3.5H ) including gears, photo shoot and shower room.

Important Information

For a customized tour, I recommend you to book in at least 2 weeks advance for the best preparation. However, if you already are in Tokyo, please just message me. I will see what I can do.

・The starting time can be flexible, but I recommend to leave your hotel by 9 at latest because it takes 1.5-2 hours for one way by train from central Tokyo to Okutama.

・ 3-4 items from highlights are good volumes for one day tour(depends on the activity).

・Any outdoor activity will be canceled if there is a storm predicted. If the railway stopped due to bad weather, the tour itself will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to do cultural tour rather than activity tour.

No problem. We can visit museums and gardens, and you can still enjoy the magnificent view of mountains and rivers without hiking.

Can beginner try Canoeing, Rafting or Canyoning?

Yes. As you will wear safety jacket, and there will be experienced instructors supporting the activity, beginners can try. However, you would better be able to swim a bit and not scared of water. Canoe on flat water < SUP on flat water < Rafting on whitewater & Canyoning.

Can I come back to Tokyo before 18:00 ?

Yes, you can choose finish time between 17:30-22:00. The price is fixed price for 1 day (maximum 13H ).

Should I pay all cost in advance?

Please pay only guide fee and booking fee for activity of your choice in advance. You do not have to pay transportation fees or entrance fees on the day of the tour. If you do not want to carry lots of cash on the day, you can choose pay inclusively (excluding food) and I will return in cash if we skip any from the original plan.

Can I do whitewater kayaking?

It depends on the condition of rivers, your skills and instructor's availability. As the water is shallow and I haven't paddled for a while, it is dangerous to do down river without a local professional guide. Please inquire me first if we can make it.


Esty P.

Feb 14, 2020

unforgettable 4 hours tour

Kaori is very nice and lovely person. I booked 4 hours tour to Tokyo Skytree and around Asakusa area. We arrived in the evening time. Unfortunately, it was raining all day in Tokyo. When we entered Tokyo Skytree, we couldn't see anything from above :(. Kaori brought us to Senso-ji temple and we had dinner in a very nice restaurant. Kaori has a good knowledge in Japan history. If I go to Tokyo again next time, I will book definitely book her!!


Prue M.

Jan 1, 2020

Tokyo day tour

Stop looking for guides now this is your perfect guide!!! Kaori was fantastic, she took our family of five to all the places and more that we wanted to see in Tokyo. Kaori is so knowledgeable and kind. She helped us with everything!!! Train tickets, our future travel plans , luggage delivery etc. We want to come back and do more sight seeing with Kaori . We can’t thank her enough.


Todd S.

Nov 1, 2019

AMAZING at every level!!! Stop searching, BOOK NOW!!!

First, we cannot thank Kaori enough for going out of her way (literally) in making such an AMAZING customized day for us. She exceeded all of our expectations at every level – communication, prepared visual images, knowledge of Japan’s history, culture, and intense subway system. Likewise, she was an incredibly nice and humble person who made us laugh and feel right at home in an enormous city we hadn’t been to before. If she is available do not hesitate to experience Tokyo or anywhere with her!!! We now have memories that will cherish for a lifetime and a new friend because of Kaori. We can’t thank her enough for gifting us such a special and unique day. Stop your search and BOOK KAORI NOW!!! I promise you won’t regret it.

$235/ per group

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