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Yuki K.

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1 hour 30 min
Private tour (only you and your group)
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This online tour introduces the must see sights in Kamakura; Great Buddha, Hase-dera Temple, and Hachiman-gu Shrine.

You can check out these places through pictures and videos presented online with Zoom.

To attend this tour, you need to install Zoom into a PC equipped with a web camera & mike or a smart phone.

After taking my tour, you can enjoy visiting Kamakura without a tour guide in the future.


Asia/Tokyo (UTC +9hs)

The tour will start at your convenient time between 9:00 to 15:00 in Japan time.

The following time schedule is good when we start at 9:00.

Please adjust it according to the actual starting time.

09:00 AM


Brief introduction of Kamakura and overview of this tour

09:10 AM

Great Buddha

This statue was made in the 13th century, which has been the symbol of Kamakura.

It looks great sitting out in the open since its worship hall was lost by an earthquake in the 15th century.

The Buddha is Amida Nyorai who helps people to reborn in Heaven.

I will explain the ranks statues in Buddhism, which will help you appreciate Japanese temples.

09:30 AM

Hese-dera Temple

This temple was started in the 8th century.

Its main statue is Kannon Bosatsu or Goddess of mercy with eleven heads to save many people at once.

There are many Jizo Bosatsu to comfort the miscarried fetus on the way to its main area.

It has beautiful Japanese gardens and observatory of the Pacific Ocean nearby.

10:00 AM

Inamura-gasaki Beach

If it is very fine, you may take Enoden line for 2 stops to see Mt. Fuji from this beach.

Since this is a recorded online tour, you don't have to be lucky to see Mt Fuji.

If you come here in the future, you will find a cozy restaurant for lunch and may try an Onsen (hot bath) next to the restaurant.

10:10 AM

Hachiman-gu Shrine

Hachiman-gu Shrine was founded by Minamoto family who started Kamakura period from 1185.

This is a Shinto shrine for the samurai as it worships three divines of battle.

Shinto is a Japanese native religion before Buddhism was introduced from China.

These two religions had been combined into one until 150 years ago when Meiji Emperor governed Japan.

So most Japanese follow the traditions of two religions.

10:40 AM

Tour ends.

The above time schedule is good when we start at 9:00.

Please adjust it according to the actual starting time.

What to Expect

You will be familiar with the must sees in Kamakura.

This online tour will show you the pictures and videos with lots of information on culture and history.

This will help you appreciate Kamakura more if you visit Kamakura in the future without a guide.

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Please pay 1,000 JPY if you want a Handout (pdf of the presentation material except the videos) of the tour.

Important Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has been closed to foreign travelers since March, 2020. This restriction has been eased since October 11th, 2022 but you still need to vaccinated three and more times or have a certificate of COVID-19 negative . Please ask me the availability of the tour before you book it. I was vaccinated four times with the Pfizer one.

This Live Zoom Tour is available between 9:00 to 15:00 in Japan time.

I will show you the presentation material through Zoom.

To attend this tour, you need to install Zoom into a PC equipped with a web camera & mike or a smart phone.

Only one device is accessible to this tour, but up to 3 people at the one device can join the tour together.

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Dan S.

Jan 21, 2023

Yuki is awesome!!

I just had one day in Tokyo and a tour with him was the ideal way to spend it! He has an abundance of knowledge about Japanese history and even brought an iPad with some supplemental documents and videos. I hope to have Yuki as a guide when I come back to Japan

Yuki K.

Dear Dan, Thank you for taking time for writing the review of my Tokyo half day tour. We visited Meiji Shrine where we saw a wedding ceremony and have a ramen near the Imperial Palace. I liked the soup of the ramen that was very warm. Then walked around the east garden of the palace during the best time of a winter afternoon. I wondered you didn't wear any coat, but it was good you enjoyed walking. Please come again for the other places in Japan. Yuki


Nicholas F.

Jan 17, 2023

Trip to Kyoto from Tokyo

Yuki was an excellent, knowledgeable and versatile guide. Highly recommended. Thank you

Yuki K.

Dear Nicolas, Thank you for writing the review of my tour. We visited most of must see places in Kyoto such as Fushimi Shrine, Sanjyusangen-do Temple, Goldentemple , Bamboo Forest, Tenryu-ji Temple and in addition, the pottery shop your son asked to visit, in a day trip from Tokyo. It was a busy tour but the speed of the Shinkansen and use of taxies when effective made this possible. Please visit Japan again with your wife who loves Japanese gardens! Yuki


James C.

Jan 8, 2023

Fantastic guide

Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable, friendly and punctual. Organised a great day in Tokyo the whole family really enjoyed.

Yuki K.

Dear James, Thank you for taking time to write the review of my tour. You visited the Imperial Palace, experienced Ninja, and met Hedgehogs. The weather was perfect to welcome your family. Please give my best regards to your family and enjoy your stay in Japan. Yuki


Mario N.

Dec 25, 2022

Hakone day trip.

Mr Yuki was very friendly and is very knowledgeable about Hakone. He was flexible on changing the tour depending on the time constraints. I would highly recommend him and his tours!

Yuki K.

Dear Mario, Thank you for writing the review. we saw a great view if Mt.Fuji. Yuki

$46/ per group

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