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Let's visit Ohara, northern area of Kyoto and be relaxed

Day Trip

Ikuta S.

6 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

Having about one hour ride on the subway and local bus from main city of Kyoto we reach Ohara area,northern Kyoto.Green mountains,green farms and also many historical temples can be seen there. Please spare only one day during your stay in kyoto so that you can feel different atmoshere from main city of Kyoto.

Meeting Point

At your hotel in Kyoto

10:30 AM

Sanzen-in temple

Sanzen-in temple was originally built by Saicho,founder of Tendai sect in the 9th century far from Ohara on Hieizan mountain near Biwa lake.After long travel this temple has been settled here in Ohara in the beginning of 19th century.Amida Nyorai in buddha hall has been designated as national treasure.Moreover the most famous articles in Sanzen-in temple are small zizo buddaha sattuva wo are lieing on the green moss in the main garden the smile of which will make your soul definitely be cleansed.

11:30 AM

Jikko-in temple and Hosei-in temple

Next visits are Jikko-in temple and Hosei-in temple,both belong to Tendai sect.We can enjoy typical Japanese stroll gardens with ponds,stones and a lot of trees.If you like you can have

maccha(green tea) and Japanese sweets.

12:30 PM

local restaurant

For lunch you will be guided to one small restaurat where you can find a menu of mainly arranged by typical local vegetable(say,Kyoto vegetable)

01:30 PM

Jakko-in temple.

After 15 miniutes walk we reach our final destination,Jakko-in temple.This temple is well known as a retreat of Kanreimon-in,a daughter of strong samurai leader,Tairano Kiyomori and a mother of Emperor Antoku.Emperor Antoku died in the war between Heike(Taira)family and

Genji family in the 12th century.

Ending Point

At your hotel in Kyoto

What to Expect

If you are bored to too many people in main tourist points in Kyoto city,you will be able to enjoy

another fresh air in Ohara.

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guide fee only

What‘s not included

one day ticket for subway and local bus(for you and guide)¥900/person

entrance fee for each temple(for you)¥700~800/person


Important Information

I am ready to come to Nagoya even transportation cost exceeds the standard slightly since It's my native town and know even the corner of the street.

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  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
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$150/ per group

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