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Yoshi S.

5.00 / 5
(11 reviews)

I started my second career as a guide after retiring from the Japanese computer company I had worked for about 40 years. I was born in Asakusa and grew up in down town in Tokyo. I am married with two daughters and three grandchildren, two girls and a boy. I've experienced guiding international visitors in Tokyo and other famous sightseeing spots as a guide for several years. I will be so happy to help you enjoy your stay in Japan. Look forward hearing from you!                                                                                                                                  

Jack M.

4.88 / 5
(56 reviews)

Hi there!! I am an English speaking tour guide based in Utsunomiya city near Nikko. Since I came back from Auckland, New Zealand I started my own business as an English Speaking Guide. I have been a guide for 6 years. My favorite things to do these days are 1. visit historical places in Tochigi prefecture, 2. find nice restaurants and bars in Utsunomiya 3. wear hats while I am working outside.                                                                                                                                 

Yasuro C.

4.78 / 5
(45 reviews)

Hello, my name is Yasuro (Mr). I was born and brought up in Kansai, graduated from a univ in Kobe city, after moved into Kanto, 30 years in Tokyo, 2.5 years in Nagoya city, 7.5 years abroad (KL & S'pore) as a rep of a construction company and I got the National Guide Certificate in 2011. My hobbies are making Haiku poems, singing various songs (voice-training for 18 years), playing the folk-guitar, trekking in mountains like Takao and Okutama in the West of Tokyo, visiting museums like in Ueno Park and travelling around Japan to make Haiku poems. Thank you for your attention.                                                                                                                                 

Shinya E.

4.94 / 5
(18 reviews)

Hi, I am Shinya, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I was born in Tokyo and brought up there. I have lived in Tokyo for more than 40 years. Since I am a Tokyoite, I am able to give you precious information about places which are not written on ordinary guide books. I would like to support you to make your trip in Japan much more fun and wonderful! I want to make you smile, surprise and happy throurgh the tour! Art and architecture are my favorite things. I like to look at works of art like Japanese and Western paintings, Ukiyoe, and tea bowls, and something like that. I also like to see buildings designed by famous architects such as Kengo Kuma, Tange Kenzo, Tadao Ando, Kisho Kurokawa, Sou Fujimoto and like that. I am a lover of tennis. I have been playing tennis for more than 40 years! I have visited Melbourne in Australia to see the Australinan Open in 2020 just before Corona Pandemic. I visited New York to see the U.S. Open Tennis many years ago. Let's enjoy exploring Japan! I look forward to seeing you! Shinya                                                                                                                                 

Kazuharu K.

5.00 / 5
(5 reviews)

Hola y sea bienvenidos a Japón. Soy Kaneda y les invito a compartir con las mejores experiencias en Japón, en especial en Tokio y sus alrededores. Estoy seguro de que mi variedad de vida en los países latinos se podrá ayudar para profundizar su gusto e interés a la cultura y la vida del Japón. Hello and welcome to Japan. I am Kaneda and I invite you to share with the best experiences in Japan, especially in Tokyo and its surroundings. I am sure that my variety of life in Latin countries could be helpful to deepen your taste and interest in the culture and life of Japan. Olá e bem-vindo ao Japão. Eu sou Kaneda e eu convido você a compartilhar com as melhores experiências do Japão, especialmente em Tóquio e seus arredores. Tenho certeza de que minha variedade de vida em países latinos pode ser ajudada a aprofundar seu gosto e interesse pela cultura e pela vida do Japão.                                                                                                                                 

Hideaki M.

4.83 / 5
(40 reviews)

I've got vaccinated. (Four shots) Hello! I’m Hideaki. Just call me “Mura” or “Mura-san”. “San” means “Mr.” or "Ms." in Japanese. I have a national tour guide license in English. I have guided for 149 days (455 guests) in 2018 and 170 days (501 guests) in 2019. I have experiences to live in the following cities on business. - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Four years - Nantong (China) One and half years, - Jakarta (Indonesia) One and half years - Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA) Two years. My hobbies are playing golf, listening classical music and watching football. My basic policy as a tour guide is to entertain my guests with my best hospitality. I really like to see my guests smiling. I myself also enjoy chatting with my guest about not only a general explanation about Japanese culture and history but everything based on my experiences and hobbies. Let’s enjoy a wonderful tour in Japan !                                                                                                                                 

Kunio N.

4.86 / 5
(22 reviews)

I usually play tennis with my friends every weekend and am tough enough to take you around everywhere you would like to visit in Tokyo area. I've studied at the university and worked for the company located in Tokyo total over 40 years, and so I know main popular sightseeing spots and fantastic spots though not so popular. Day and Night in Shinjuku, Meiji shrine and Takeshitadori in Harajuku, Crossroads in Shibuya, Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo, High brand shopping street in Ginza, Several Museums and quiet Forest in Ueno and Oldfashioned Nakamise and Sensoji temple in Asakusa. Of course, I can take you to 5th station of Mt. Fuji, Ropeway and Pirate Ship in Hakone, Shrines and Temples in Kamkura or Gorgeous Toshogu Temple in Nikko. Since I 've already done bus tour guide several times for H.I.S. and JTB, I can take care over 10 people at the same time around Tokyo using public transportation. Please send message to me, so I can make original tour course just for you, for 4 hours, 8 hours or all day long.                                                                                                                                 

Joji T.

5.00 / 5
(4 reviews)

Hello! I am Joji. Please call me Bonjoji, because Bon Jovi is one of my favorite Rock music groups. I was born and raised in Kyoto until 19 years old. I studied English and graduated from University of South Carolina with Statistic major. During my work at a precision equipment company, I have lived in California and New Jersey in the states for 12 years. While I was in the States, I have been treated as a family by many local American people. So, it is a time that I treat you back well while you are traveling in Japan. The period I like in Japanese history is the war period when many local lords were challenging and fighting each other to expand their lands. I recommend that you should see their castles, since you can see their ambition and their survival strategy. The sports I like are American football and Sumo. Sumo is not just a wrestling game but deeply rooted in Shinto ritual, which is closely related to our daily life. These are the things I can talk about more when we meet. My hobby is visiting old ruins in the world so that I have been to Vesa Merde in the States, Macchu Picchu in Peru, Easter Island in Chile, Volbilis in Morocco, Tikal in Guatemala, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and etc. I have worked at the Japanese company as a salary man for 35 years, so that I can also talk about business, only if you wish. Anyway, I am National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter authorized by Japan Tourism Agency and my goal is simply to make your journey more enjoyable while you are in Japan. Please feel free to contact me and let's enjoy the tour together. Bonjoji                                                                                                                                 

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Lily L.

5 / 5
Sep 17, 2023

Delightful Day in Nikko

I had a wonderful day in Nikko with Yoko as my guide last week. Prior to booking the tour, Yoko very promptly and patiently responded to all my queries and gave me various options to consider. She went the extra mile to visit my hotel before my arrival, dropped off some information on Nikko with a Tokyo subway map. She even planned out the route for me to take to our agreed meeting point. Yoko made sure we covered all the sites I wanted to visit. She is knowledgeable and took pains to ensure I didn't miss any treasured highlights in Nikko. Thank you Yoko.

Yoko T.

Lily san, thank you so much for a wonderful review and a lovely day.  It was nice goring around Rinnoji Temple, Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Taiyuin Temple with you. You made the whole day interesting. We could also visit the first Western Inn, Kanaya Samurai House and enjoyed the tranquilty and Kanmangafuchi Gorge with the many jizou statues. You previewed a lot before the visit and I really enjoyed talking with you with a lot of topics. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay. Thank you again for the lovely day, Lily san!!


Cory B.

5 / 5
Sep 2, 2023

Excellent guide

Makiko was one of our best guides in Japan. Her English is excellent and she is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.


Karthik R.

4 / 5
Aug 13, 2023

Very knowledgeable Nikko Tour Guide

Yoshi is a great tour guide who knows the Nikko area well. He accommodated our late schedule and vegetarian restaurant need. Even though we started late, we visited all the places we had hoped for. Yoshi is very knowledgeable about all the sites and explains the history of those sites well. We visited Nikko during hot summer days and ended up using taxis everywhere. We wish we had planned this taxi time better, but nevertheless, our journey was memorable. I recommend Yoshi to anyone looking for a tour guide to visit Nikko. Thanks Yoshi.

Takano Y.

You and your family must have returned home in California safely before Typhoon 17th lands in Japan. It was a pleasure traveling to Nikko area with your family. Please visit Japan again to see cherry flowers or Autumn colors.


Stephen K.

5 / 5
Aug 1, 2023

Everything wonderful about Nikko in one day

Jack was an excellent tour guide for our whirlwind visit to Nikko. He met us at the ticket area at Utsunomiya and drove us 1h to Nikko showing us some beautiful scenery along the way. We visited about 3 waterfalls, did two short and easy hikes, and did a comprehensive tour of the Toshogu shrine. Before we got on our return train, he helped us with dinner plans near the station. He’s pretty good with his English, having lived in new Zeland for nearly 20 years. Great trip!

Jack M.

Thank you for your nice comment. I myself enjoyed spending a whole day with your lovely family. The car you rented was ecellent. Thank you very much for renting such a nice car. Hope you remember how much you enjoyed the day for a long time! Jack

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