Deep Backstreet Osaka Tours (With Dinner Option)

Off the Beaten Path

Andy kenji M.

5.00(11) reviews
English (Native), Japanese, Spanish
3 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 18 people

Explore the non-touristic areas of Osaka on this internationally recognized award winning tour (Voted # 1 in the whole of Japan on all the big review websites), where the veil of "perfect Japan" will be lifted.

Get an unfiltered understanding of how the city really functions in the abandoned buildings area, retro zone, alleys, redlight district, gambling dens, yakuza strongholds and more.

Meeting Point

Daikokucho Station, Exit 1, at the top of the stairs in front of the Family Mart

06:00 PM

Daikokucho Station, Exit 1 (at the top of the stairs in front of Family Mart).

Meet at Exit 1, at the top of the stairs outside the Family Mart.

06:10 PM

A peek at the Retro Zone

Shinsekai will give up all its secrets here on an interesting view of early 1900's life.

06:30 PM

Abandoned Houses Area

Detailed explanation of how it all came to be. In which other city around the world can you find such a place so central?

06:50 PM

Visit Delicious Stall & Eat Local Side Dishes

The glorious food of Osaka...unchallenged as the king of food in Japan!

07:10 PM

Explore the Gritty Backstreets

Unearth the deep Osaka by traversing the back alleys. The only way to fully understand Osaka and its people

07:30 PM

Step into the World Governed by the Yakuza

A Yakuza stronghold is the red light district. The incredibly unique area is a step back in time and the only area of Osaka completely preserved from the Taisho area. Yes this is history....real authentic history and we will explain the underbelly of Osaka. (Note: if you dont want to visit this area we have a fantastic alternative).

07:50 PM

Second Eatery Visit

Takoyaki is what you eat when you come to Osaka. Visit our hidden, tasty joint and get those tastebuds firing!

08:10 PM

Visit the Entertain District where only the Locals Go

Fishing for you dinner in restaurants, Pachinko machines, quirky rifle shooting stores, illegal gambling palors. All the norm for the hidden neighbourhood gathering spots. Feel like a local here

08:40 PM

Knife Crafting Store

Understand the craft of knive/sword making and listen to the storie of how steel found its way to Japan!

09:00 PM

Join us for Dinner at the most Authentic of Izakayas.

If interested in the dinner, please choose the "extras" secton. We'll give you a drink & 5 amazing dishes to fill your belly.

Ending Point

at the front of Dobutsenmae Station.

What to Expect

-Hear historic facts and anecdotes from this gritty region completely unknown to tourists

-Venture into the intriguing abandoned buildings area with a controversial past

-Visit the unique, traditional Taisho-Era, incredibly-preserved historical red light district

-Eat delicious, local side dishes in back-alley stalls full of character

-Discuss taboo topics and get to fully understand the scope of this amazing city.

Begin by getting a feel for retro Osaka. Be transported back in time to a Japan barely recognizable. Jump into retro video game parlors, old-fashioned markets, and more. See how the locals entertain and are entertained by night, from games unique to Japan, to crazy fishing restaurants, to a peek in a Osakan theater.

Your next stop will be within some of the most amazing back alleys you'll ever see. Interact with your surroundings, feeling the profound energy and history of the area. Sample a snack from two different stalls here.

A stone's throw and you're within an area filled with untouched, abandoned properties, which provides a truly surreal experience in the middle of the city. Afterwards, you'll have the option to walk through the red light district, or to skip it and go on a separate path.

This Taisho-Era red light district is incredibly preserved from that period, and consists of UNESCO-listed buildings important to Osakan culture. Finally, you'll have the option to eat a full dinner at a tasty, tradition restaurant after the tour has ended.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Complete guide of said areas.

What‘s not included

Dinner and all food is not included. If you want the dinner option, please write in the comment before or after booking your tour here.

It is just 3500yen for a course be paid at the start of the tour in cash to the tour guide. It includes 5 delicious & authentic Osakan dishes, 1 drink & desserts.

No Hotel pickup (its a very very central, easy to find starting location).

Important Information

We can guide you everyday.

This tour is not necessarily recommended for all; if you are intrepid, well traveled, and seeking glimpse into an unfiltered, honest side of Osaka, it is a good choice for you. Note that this tour exposes the good, the bad, and everything in between. It includes taboo topics as well, which are very important in forming a complete picture of Japan and its people, such as Yakuza, sexism, war, illegal gambling, sex work, illicit businesses, pachinko, homelessness, welfare, and more. Note also that this tour will not go through the homeless district. Your guides are always respectful should people who are homeless also be traveling the same route as the tour.

As we will walk for about 5km on flat terrain, please bring flat, comfortable shoes.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

You visit the red light district, so is this like a sleazy tour?

Absolutely not. If you are interested in just rudely staring at the women, we don’t want you to come. We go here because the very unique ambiance created...its like nothing you have ever seen and definitely not sleazy nor objectionable. Buildings in this area have a rich history cause they are completely preserved from the Taisho era. In the year 2000 some buildings have been listed as "Japanese Cultural Property". It’s real Osaka culture…..yes culture!!

Are some of the areas in the tour dangerous?

No, I’m a former police officer of 8 years. I would never put our clients in danger. If you don’t do anything reckless then everything will be fine. We have done more than 1200 tours in these areas and nothing bad has ever occurred.

Can Children join this tour?

No. Anyone under the age of 15 years old, can not join this tour.

Im vegetarian, can I join the dinner option?

Yes, there are tasty food options for guests who are vegetarians.



Denise R.

Apr 13, 2023

Excellent tour of Osaka

This was a memorable tour that showed us what Osaka is all about. Andy had a family emergency so he had Gorby tour with us instead. Gorby was so knowledgeable and patient and entertaining. We had a great Osaka tour even though it was raining big time. This was our favorite tour while in Japan!


Mark S.

Apr 4, 2023

Food Lovers Delight

A great night experiencing many different dishes. So much tasty food our bellies were well and truly full by the end of the night. Andy is a nice guy with good knowledge and life experiences which he freely shares. If you are looking to do something a little different then we can happily recommend Andy. Very little walking but a lot of eating and the odd drink as well. A fun night.


Shirley W.

Jan 24, 2023

Night tour in South Osaka

Andy was our private guide for a night tour. We had a great time walking the south-Osaka less-affluent Nishinari neighborhood and talking, getting lots of insights into Japan culture and its society’s under privileged. We walked through some dark alleys and streets, but felt safe having Andy’s guidance. It was interesting to see this aspect of Japan compared to the USA in context of cultural differences. This tour is different than the typical shrine and temple tourist itinerary and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without a guide such as Andy so we felt comfortable. We had a yakitori snack at a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall eatery, which we wouldn’t have tried on our own. We also walked through the vintage Shinsekai district. We ended our tour after a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Andy is a good conversationalist and can relate subtle and interesting Japanese culture differences to us (from USA) due to his Japanese and Australian dual family background, living in Japan for about 13 years. He speaks both English and Japanese, fluently. We had a great time, good conversation, and lucky to have had Andy as our guide and sensed Andy has a compassion and empathy for Japan’s disadvantaged population. This was one of our favorite tours.


Amy C.

Jan 7, 2023

Don’t skip if you’re looking for the real Osaka

My group of 5 had a private tour with Andy and he was charismatic, attentive, and accommodating. He was candid with all his commentary and tried to answer all our questions about Osaka and Japanese culture. I never felt unsafe and was able to interact with locals while Andy was around!

$429/ per group