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  • River Cruise Tour: Odaiba, Japanese Garden, Tokyo Tower

    (57) Reviews

    Let’s check the hustle and bustle of Tokyo from the peaceful river. A comfortable breeze and a lot of seagulls welcome you. This tour starts passing the stunning Tokyo Bay Bridge and the Yurikamome, a... read more

    by SHIN
    8 Hours
    US$ 274 up to 6 people
  • Let's have a great experience of Flower Arrangement at my house in Tokyo

    (4) Reviews

    You can learn Ikebana ( traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement ) with an explanation of its historical background while having fun. ( For 1 hour and a half )  Tea Time after the experience of Ikeba... read more

    by Masako
    2 Hours
    US$ 47 per person

    (39) Reviews

    There are many bars and night clubs in Ginza area of Tokyo. These facilities are mainly used for business entertainment for important customers. Rich people play with their friends there and pay by th... read more

    by Masato
    2 Hours
    US$ 112 up to 3 people

    (39) Reviews

    Karaoke is a major entertainment for men and women of all ages in Japan. We relieve stress by singing songs in Karaoke room. You can choice your favorite songs in English or in some other languages... read more

    by Masato
    2.5 Hours
    US$ 112 up to 6 people
  • VR Ninjya experience

    (32) Reviews

    Wtih this tour, you can experience Ninjya fighting in VR technology atmosphere. This is good for family. Even small children over 6 years old can participate. read more

    by Hiroshi
    7 Hours
    US$ 256 up to 5 people
  • Tokyo Weird

    (13) Reviews

    Hear the Warden of Hell speak words of wisdom to you! Feel the earth shake at the Earthquake simulator! Visit a temple dedicated to a cucumber-loving mythical creature and see his alleged mummified ... read more

    by Fulvio
    7 Hours
    US$ 237 up to 6 people
  • Half-day Pilgrimage of three Otaku Holy Grounds in Tokyo

    (13) Reviews

    Otaku is a Japanese word for deep lovers of Anime, Manga cultures. This is a tour to visit three holy grounds, meccas for Otakus in Tokyo. You can see and experience a most delightful new culture attr... read more

    4 Hours
    US$ 130 up to 6 people
  • Factory tour in Tokyo suburbs by private engineer guide.

    (8) Reviews

    Factory tours such as car assembly, beer/Sake brewery, civil engineering facilities or manufacturing facilities available on site. With my engineering background, I can give you additional information... read more

    by Akira.K
    8 Hours
    US$ 506 up to 7 people

    (5) Reviews

    This tour is for business travelers who have a meeting with Japanese companies and need an interpretation help for business meeting. For one day, we can mix business time and leisure time together (Bl... read more

    by Takashi
    7 Hours
    US$ 703 up to 6 people
  • Stylish Photographer and Tour Guide - "Personal Paparrazi"

    (4) Reviews

    Glamour travel style. The focus of this tour is for me to beautifully document your travel and vacation using my side expertise as a professional fashion photographer and stylist.Think of it like as h... read more

    by Ikki
    6 Hours
    US$ 730 up to 10 people
  • Tokyo by Bicycle One Day Tour.

    (1) Reviews

    Let’s go for cycle! I want to let you visit as much as we can by bicycle on one day! Starting from most iconic spot ASAKUSA Sensoji Temple, UENO Park and local street Ameyoko, Electronic shops AKIHABA... read more

    9 Hours
    US$ 279 up to 5 people
  • "Your Name" Anime spots in Tokyo

    (1) Reviews

    We will visit many locations depicted in the animation film Your Name, including staircase at the last scene. Would you like to sharing the atmosphre and breeze with Taki and Mitsuha ? read more

    by SHUICHI
    8 Hours
    US$ 64 per person
  • Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum and Beer Brewery tour

    (1) Reviews


    by SHUICHI
    8 Hours
    US$ 64 per person
  • Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum Tour : "Spirited Away" too

    (1) Reviews

    ** EDO-TOKYO OPEN AIR ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM RE-OPENED ON JUN-02 AFTER CORONA, except for cafe, udon restaurant, gift shop and librery. We visit Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. This Architectu... read more

    by SHUICHI
    4 Hours
    US$ 46 per person
  • Shinagawa&Takanawa Mystery Tour

    I will guide you to my home town Takanawa near Shinagawa Station. You can enjoy not only traditional Japanese garden and temple but also the secret charm of Takanawa. read more

    by HISAKO
    2 Hours
    US$ 91 up to 5 people
  • Aokigahara Suicide Forest | Educational Tour

    Aokigahara Suicide Forest | Educational Tour

    Aokigahara is a tranquil yet mysterious forest. Embark on this educational day tour to Japan’s suicide forest. Learn about mental health, it’s stigma, and suicide. This tour will help you take a brave... read more

    by Chipa
    8 Hours
    US$ 365 up to 5 people
  • TeamLab Borderless Adventures

    TeamLab Borderless Adventures

    First, we can go shopping at an enormous shopping mall that is very international and have something to eat. Then, we will head over to TeamLab Borderless, one of the most unique tourist attractions i... read more

    4 Hours
    US$ 46 per person
  • Tokyo Rock Performances, at small Live Spots.

    (18) Reviews

    Find your favorite Japanese Rock Musician and enjoy the live performance in a small live house(s). I assist you to book ticket(s) and attend you to the spot(s) safely. read more

    by Tak
    4 Hours
    US$ 139 up to 10 people
  • Tokyo Hanami Tour

    (15) Reviews

    Cherry blossoms tell the start of Japanese spring. During cherry season, I will show you some of the best spots for "Hanami" in Tokyo. But the date of full blooming differs every year depending on the... read more

    by Kaneo
    8 Hours
    US$ 245 up to 5 people

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