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Tokyo Highlights Tours

  • Tokyo tour à la carte

    (269) 口コミ
    by Yuki
    This tour covers my favorite places in Tokyo.You can choose three places from the list of more than 30 places in Tokyo, classified as Temple&Shrine, Garden...
    7 時間 ¥ 24,500 5人まで people
  • Tokyo tour à la carte half day

    (269) 口コミ
    by Yuki
    This tour covers my favorite places in Tokyo.You can choose two places in Tokyo from the list of more than 30 places classified as Temple&Shrine, Garden, S...
    4 時間 ¥ 16,000 5人まで people
  • Tokyo Up-to-You Tour

    (69) 口コミ
    by Yoko
    I recommend ending up the day with the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Bay, the most beautiful night view in Tokyo I would like you to see. ...
    8 時間 ¥ 32,800 5人まで people

Tokyo Day Trip

  • One day-Private Tour based on your requests

    (166) 口コミ
    by YUKIKO
    All visitors have their own needs, desires and requests. This tour is range from individual to a family. I had overseas experience with my families incl...
    7.5 時間 ¥ 33,000
  • Your Best Choice of Tokyo One-day Tour

    (28) 口コミ
    by Shoji
    Tokyo has a lot of sightseeing spots for foreign tourist. So, I narrowed them down to 8 spots for your options. If you are wondering where to go, book this...
    7.5 時間 ¥ 28,000 7人まで people
  • Half Day - Private Tour based on your requests

    (166) 口コミ
    by YUKIKO
    All Visitors have their own needs, desires and requests. This half-day tour is ranged from individual to family who have limited time in a day. I had an ...
    4 時間 ¥ 20,000

Tokyo Food & Drink Tours

  • Food tour of Tsukiji Outer Market

    (269) 口コミ
    by Yuki
    I will take you to the outer market of Tsukiji including its new fish retail area where you can see a lot of sea food including big tuna. Then I will take ...
    3 時間 ¥ 12,000 5人まで people
  • Enjoy Japanese Dinner at Kagurazaka

    (3) 口コミ
    by Macco
    Let's walk around Kagurazaka where you find nice restaurants and traditional shops, and enjoy nice dinner at a cozy Japanese restaurant :)I'll book a resta...
    3 時間 ¥ 7,300 5人まで people
  • Food tour at Tsukiji,Azabu-jyuban, Shinjuku in five hours

    (50) 口コミ
    by Keiko
    When you're craving for traditional Japanese food such as Sushi,Oden,Taiyaki or Yakitori, then this tour is definitely for you. Enjoy a walk around the vic...
    5 時間 ¥ 16,000 6人まで people

Tokyo Art & Culture Tours

  • First Day in Tokyo (Half Day Tour)

    (11) 口コミ
    by Saori
    Visit the most iconic posts of Tokyo based on your preference. The tour can be totally customized according to the guests requests. The guide will pay att...
    6 時間 ¥ 25,000 15人まで people
  • Ghibli Museum, half a day tour.

    (28) 口コミ
    by Yoshi
    ASK FOR TICKET AVAILABILITY BEFORE YOU BOOK! We are visiting the fascinating world of Hayao Miyazaki, award-winning animation director of the movies, like...
    4 時間 ¥ 18,332 5人まで people
  • Historical Exploring in Ueno (half day)

    (103) 口コミ
    by Tomoko
    Concise Japanese history tour. Recommended especially for those who like to overview Japan’s history and art at the start and the end of your trip. Focusin...
    3.5 時間 ¥ 15,750 4人まで people

Tokyo Off the Beaten Path Tours

  • Kagurazaka, a hidden gem town walking

    (58) 口コミ
    by Michiko
    This is a half-day tour exploring of the Tokyo's oldest and most beautiful feudal lord gardens, Koishikawa-Korakuen and the neighbouring town. Kagurazaka i...
    5 時間 ¥ 20,370 6人まで people
  • Exploring Katsushika - Tokyo's Old Downtown Walking Tour

    (74) 口コミ
    Planning to escape the crazy and crowded Tokyo for a sense of serenity? Go off the beaten path and enjoy Katsushika! Located on the east end of Tokyo and w...
    8 時間 ¥ 32,000 4人まで people
  • Ueno ーYanaka nostalgic walking Tour

    (50) 口コミ
    by Keiko
    If you love to walk, come and join us as we explore shrines and temples characterized with their blissful and serene atmosphere. Plus, old ruins of townhou...
    4 時間 ¥ 13,000 8人まで people

Tokyo Unique Experience Tours

Tokyo Nightlife Tours

  • 4-hour Tokyo Night Tour: Explore Shinjuku’s Nightlife

    (51) 口コミ
    by Kyoko
    Shinjuku, on the western edge of Tokyo, is a city within a city that truly never sleeps. In this private night tour, we will be exploring the Samurai Museu...
    4 時間 ¥ 14,463 10人まで people
  • Kahoko's Tokyo "As you like " night tour

    (205) 口コミ
    by KAHOKO
    Would you like to try a night life in Tokyo? Then I'll be with you. Let's explore the mysterious Shinjuku night together. We start from Tokyo Metropolit...
    5 時間 ¥ 21,500 4人まで people
  • Walking Evening Tour in the heart of Tokyo

    (13) 口コミ
    The charm of Tokyo does not end after the evening falls, but it becomes even more brilliant at night. Here you have a choice of visiting some of the promin...
    3 時間 ¥ 10,695 5人まで people

Tokyo Nature & Outdoor Tours

  • Wonderful Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

    (269) 口コミ
    by Yuki
    There are many Japanese Gardens in Tokyo, many of which used to be a part of Samurai mansions. This tour is for those who want to visit Japanese gardens.Yo...
    7 時間 ¥ 24,500 5人まで people
  • 3.5 hour Mt. Takao Hiking Tour with local lunch

    (205) 口コミ
    by KAHOKO
    Mt. Takao Is a beautiful and lush mountain that is 600 meters in height. This is a light hike as well will take a cable car halfway up the mountain. You wi...
    3.5 時間 ¥ 17,200 6人まで people
  • Cherry blossoms tour in Imperial Palace and Japanese garden

    (51) 口コミ
    by Kyoko
    You can enjoy hundreds of cherry blossoms in the precinct of Imperial Palace and Japanese garden (Roppongi or Kourakuen garden) where you can enjoy tea ce...
    8 時間 ¥ 26,889 8人まで people

Tokyo Kids & Family Friendly Tours

Tokyo Shopping Tours

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